Struggle & Progress

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Coaching, Mind Training, Mindset, NLP, Personal Growth

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”Frederick Douglass

Mr Douglas, I disagree. It may have very much seemed so in the specific situation and in the times your quote comes from. But is it far to take it out of context and make it a universal truth?

Action, yes action is needed for progress. But struggle…?
See, struggle is a subjective label, isn’t it?

Have you ever met two people who go through a similar experience and one is upbeat, radiant and has a zest for life despite all that and the other one (who might objectively even be in the better position) is morose, desperate and glum?

An athlete training for a dream… A mother… An Executive dashing in and out of meetings and planes… A landscape gardener… A fisherman… A surgeon in theatre for 9 hours straight…

They all seem to have very different ideas about what they consider routine, fun or a struggle…

Occasionally things that used to be fun and exciting have turned into a struggle. Beware… Pay attention…

The secret lies in the state of mind, the perception, the beliefs, values and the resources the person can bring to the situation.

How you perceive taking action, the breakthroughs and setbacks is up to you. Let it be easy or let it be hard. That is just a state of mind and states of mind can change. Easily.

In actual fact easier and faster than you may have thought or given yourself credit for.

Sometimes you can even change your mind yourself. If not, then it might just be a signal to let you know it’s time to ask for assistance, so you can move forward with ease again.


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