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Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking – so you can stop the crippling fear and feel more confident

  • Are you tired of being terrified when speaking in front of groups…?
  • Sick of feeling like everyone is judging you or coming across as incompetent…?
  • Do you get: Voice shaking, blushing, breathing weird, sweating, mind blanks..? 
  • Worried that people will notice,  judge you or you’d be found out…?
  • Are you frustrated that your fear of Public Speaking has been limiting you for so long? 

Just imagine . . .

  • Feeling confident, calm and in control…
  • Breathing normally and just talking like you would with a close friend…
  • Not having to nervously go over your presentation a million times before it is your turn…
  • Going for the promotion or the better / higher paid job because you know you can handle the presentations and briefings

Do you want to become more confident in Public Speaking?

The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, tops the list of common fears. Statistically more people fear public speaking than people fear death… Think about that for a second! Most people would rather be the person in the box than the one giving the Eulogy…

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Belinda Carli

Glossophobia impacts not only leaders in the corporate world. Whether it’s referred to as speech anxiety, presentation fear, or simply a lack of confidence in speaking the symptoms are usually very similar. 

For some it is also related to a broader sense of social anxiety, fear of not being good enough, worry about what other people think or being judged. For others, their fear of public speaking is frustrating because they feel generally quite confident but get panicky when having to present in front of people. 

Either way the goal is the same: What you want is to set yourself free from the fear of public speaking and instead be able to present and speak with calmness, confidence and feeling in control of your emotions and your body.

My Personal Experience Meets My Professional Expertise

I used to be terrified of public speaking. Having to stand up, be at the front, talk to a group, talk to strangers… In the past I’d do everything to avoid it!
Today I do the exact same thing for a living and love it!
Having guided hundreds of leaders, athletes, students, coaches and best men or bridesmaids to becoming confident speakers I understand that the stakes are high. Don’t say “no” to great opportunities anymore because of your fear of public speaking.
The reason you haven’t overcome this fear yet is that so far you probably tried to overcome this fear with training and with logical thinking and some silly techniques. But not once have you actually worked with your subconscious processes… And with the right type of therapy becoming a confident speaker is absolutely possible for you too.

Tackling the Root Cause vs. Just Managing the Fear

Public speaking courses, Toastmasters and self-help techniques all have their place but they do not deal with and sort out the underlying fears. Real and lasting change comes from aligning your logical mind with your inner feelings. And it is very normal that your past attempts haven’t gotten rid of anxiety, it’s because the solution needs to address your unconscious processes.

A Different Perspective on the Fear of Public Speaking

You need to know that you weren’t born with a fear of speaking publicly. As such it is learned. It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t remember when and where it started.

The truth is: that what you’ve learned can be unlearned! Your unconscious mind’s priority is to keep you safe and at the moment it has been led to believe that presenting or speaking publicly is dangerous. Which in actual fact is not true which is why you need to recalibrate that response. Understanding this is key to overcoming speech anxiety.

Proven Techniques for Lasting Change

By utilising the power of your own mind and your unconscious processes through NLP, modern hypnosis, and professional hypnotherapy, you can rewire your response to public speaking. If you want to confidently share your knowledge and make a lasting impact then this is for you. With over 15 years as a full-time clinical Hypnotherapist and helping people like you, I bring a wealth of experience to help you beat anxiety and become a confident speaker. 

Conquer your fear of public speaking and give me a call on 0422 525 843.

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