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Choking under pressure?

You know your presentation inside out but when there are too many people in the room or you have to stand at the front to present you start to freak out?

Or maybe you are an athlete and everything goes well in training but when it really counts you freeze or choke or don’t perform as well as you know you can…?

You may even have worked with psychologists and you know what you should do and think…. But still…
In the crucial moments it’s either hit and miss or not coming together and you just can’t control it?

Your unconscious processes are at work. If you could have solved this by thinking about it you would have done that by now. Hence we need to solve the problem at the level where it actually exists. Which is at the level of your unconscious processes.

Some of the top athletes who use exactly these mind training and hypnosis tools

Which is exactly the reason why all of these top performers have used Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mind Training tools to achieve their level of excellence:

  • Australian gold medalist pole vaulter Steve Hooker used hypnosis to overcome anxiety

  • Golfer Phil Mikelson, is one of 12 players in the history of golf to win three of the four majors.

  • Famous tennis player Andre Agassi used hypnosis to harness energy, control, focus, strength and power. He won 17 gold masters.

  • In boxing: Steve Collins, Nigel Benn, Ingmar Johannson, Ken Norton and of course Mohammed Ali

  • Jimmy Connors is often considered one of the greatest in the history of tennis. He used hypnosis before all of his U.S. Open victories.

  • Tiger Woods started using hypnosis and visualisation techniques at the age of 13. His mind coach helped him learn how to block out distractions and fully focus on the job at hand.

  • Michael Jordan credits a big chunk of his success to the fact that he used hypnosis and mind training exercises daily

  • Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky

  • The Russian Olympic team had 11 hypnotherapists as core part of their 1956 Olympic Team in Melbourne.

  • When it was time to improve his game England cricket captain Mike Brearley consulted a Sports Hypnotherapist

Why Mind training & hypnosis for peak performance?

At your level it is all about being able to deal with pressure, nerves, stress and anxiety in a resourceful way. At the same time you need to be able to maintain focus, be fully present, quickly let go of mistakes and disappointment, keep a success mindset with excitement and enjoyment for the next challenge.

A lot has to do with clearing limiting beliefs once and for all, having the tools to quiet the nagging voice inside and create a vision of what needs to happen next.


Individuals & Teams

Silke has a long history of working with individuals and teams. Silke has assisted quite a number of athletes on their path to olympic games and state championships.

The athletes Silke has worked with come from many different backgrounds:

  • Olympian swimmer
  • Olympian shooter
  • Footy players both AFL and local rep level
  • Netball League both rep and state level
  • Tennis players
  • Dog Agility competitors
Australian Hypnotherapy Centre Sunshine Coast Silke Garden scaled

Silke is your Mindset Specialist

As a Mind Trainer, Coach, Neurolinguist, Hypnotherapist, and People-empowerer I am dedicated to helping you overcome whatever has held you back.

I do this work because there is nothing better than seeing someone overcome hurdles, get past their monsters, finally achieve what they always wanted and truly harness all their inner forces.

Have you tried to solve this through thinking about it? The conscious is very limited and if logical thinking had worked you wouldn’t be reading this…

The problem needs to get solved where it actually exists: The subconscious.

It is the only way to become truly free and harness all your own inner forces.

Over eleven years of working with top performers I have developed a very safe, proven and effective method of assisting you. I am just as determined as you are to help you get the results you want.

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia
2024 3 Best rated hypnotherapy award Sunshine coast
Australian Society of Cliinical Hypnotherapists
2022 3 Best rated hypnotherapy award Sunshine coast
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