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What Exactly is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state your brain goes into many times a day. It’s like being absorbed in a daydream, or like driving and pulling into your driveway wondering how you got there… It’s as if a part of you was driving, and another part of you was wondering what to make for dinner or just lost in thought.
Any flow state or when you’re doing things on autopilot is very much like hypnosis… Hypnosis is not just about zoning out! It is a state in which learning is easier… 

Whether it’s children, lost in their own imagination or adults staring at the numbers in an elevator: They are all experiencing forms of hypnosis. It’s a natural state in which it becomes much easier for you to the power of your mind so that you can make the changes you want to make. With pure willpower it always feels like you are fighting with yourself.

But with hypnosis you don’t need to fight or resist the change because all of you wants this change. This is how hypnotherapy turns into a wonderful and powerful tool for gentle, lasting and powerful change.

“Working with Silke is just the best! I previously saw someone in person with limited success. A friend recommended Silke’s hypnotherapy sessions and it was just the best decision! I feel so much better! Thank you!”

— Amanda K,

Going into Hypnosis is very simple.

Going into hypnosis is something you do regularly without even trying. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. By following my simple guidance, you too can go into hypnosis. As with everything: the more you practise hypnosis, the better you get at it and the more beneficial hypnotherapy becomes for you. 

There are so many misconceptions and preconceived ideas about what hypnosis is. Some people think they are too strong or too anxious or too weak or too calm or too stubborn or whatever.
The one thing that is true is that if you do not want to go into hypnosis then nobody can help you go into hypnosis. And which case you probably would not be booking a hypnotherapy appointment… Just a thought…

Given that you are reading this you are probably curious. So please just download the completely free Hypnosis Recording I made for you. It’s a ten-minute relaxation recording to help you let go of stress and overwhelm, just so you can take some time out for yourself and see for yourself how easy (and kind of boring) hypnosis is. And no: you will not become unconscious, you will however remember afterwards and you will still be aware of what’s going on around you. 
Please only listen to this after you have made sure that it is safe for you to close your eyes and when it is safe for you to relax completely. 

Download your FREE Hypnosis Recording here: 

What is the The Hypnotic State?

While in hypnosis, you are fully aware of your surroundings, you can hear everything around you, and you are always in control of your own experience. You will remember everything that was said in the hypnotherapy session because otherwise: what’s the point of doing it? 

Athletes describe a similar state as being in the ‘flow zone,’  they are very focused, confidently aware and are achieving peak performance with a sense of effortlessness.

Your Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind’s primary job is to keep you safe. It’s the storehouse of all of your experiences, it very quickly interprets incoming information and makes decisions about it in a split second. It bases it on past experiences and runs on old patterns or programs which may feel a bit like outdated software.

This is why all real and lasting change needs to happen at the level of your unconscious because that is where the problem actually exists. 

Some common Hypnotherapy Myths busted

One idea is that people can be made to do things against their own will or that they would reveal secrets while in  hypnosis… None of that is true.

Remember, the job of your unconscious mind is to keep you safe. So it would never let you do anything that would go against that. While in Hypnosis you do not become unconscious, you are still aware of where you are and what you are doing and of course, afterwards, you remember everything!
Also in order to go into Hypnosis you need to be willing and allow yourself to do so. The main reason why people do not go very deeply into hypnosis at first is because they do not trust the person they’re working with or they don’t trust themselves…. All you need to do is to just follow my instructions and allow yourself to go at your own pace… 

The idea of ‘mind control’ in hypnosis is a complete myth. You may have seen it in movies. And you may also have seen cars flying though the air in movies… 

The Power of Unconscious Change

Talking about an issue repeatedly never leads to change. It is against how the brain works because neurons that fire together: wire together… Therefore every time you talk about it, it just reinforces the negative patterns. That’s why with hypnotherapy we focus on changing these patterns directly at the unconscious level, without the need for you to rehash the problem.

Hypnosis is just a great tool to create real change which truly comes from within you. That’s what clinical hypnotherapy with an experienced hypnotherapist is tremendously good at.

 Start Creating Your Change: Here & Now

Are you ready to finally let go of the stuff that had been holding you back…?

Without the need to endlessly talk about it then my work with hypnotherapy is the right approach for you. It’s incredibly gentle and effective at the same time. 

Rewire yourself and your brain for real and lasting change.

If you’re curious about how clinical hypnotherapy, combined with real NLP and modern hypnosis will help you make great changes, then please give me a call.

I’m looking forward to helping you feel better and become a happier and more fulfilled you.

Call 0422 525 843 to book your first hypnotherapy session on the Sunshine Coast. Let’s unlock the power of your unconscious mind together.

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