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by | Sep 17, 2018 | Mind Training, Mindset, Motivation, Personal Growth

There is so much that I don’t know, I will not apologise for what I do know!

Bob Bailey – animal behaviourist and total genius!

Here is my take on it, because as a clinical Hypnotherapist who works so much with the latest discoveries in neuroscience, I help people like you make changes at the level of how you feel and at the way you are behaving.

What is Real Confidence?

  • Confidence comes from knowing that there is stuff you know and you’re good at.
  • Misguided confidence comes from ‘fake it till you make it’. 
  • Know what you do know and know there is always more to learn so you can never know it all…
  • Be totally okay with knowing that there is always more to learn… That you simply can’t know it all…
  • Get to the point where you are okay with the fact that things can go wrong and when it does you will survive and you will work out to handle it.

The above points have both helped hundreds of my clients and also me personally make massive shifts with self confidence.

My clients, who thanks to the power of hypnotherapy, have changed how they approach public speaking, how they interact with colleagues and friends and how okay they feel within themselves.

Personally I am embrace being a lifelong learner and knowing that there is so much I do not know, helps me be very clear in bringing across what I do know. Which really is all the knowledge, skills, amazing processes and experience I have collected over the past 15 years of being a clinical hypnotherapist.


Today I am grateful for the inspiration, insight and understanding of Bob Bailey. I am grateful that through his understanding and amazing work, I can learn to become a better Hypnotherapist and Mind Trainer every day.


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