Do you find yourself procrastinating? Not really getting the job done…? Often waiting to the last minute to get started?

Fear of failure could well be your reason!

So many people come to see me becuase they want the help of a professional hypnotherapist to help them overcome their fear of failure. Many also describe it as imposter syndrome. 

It could be someone with a professional career preparing for a speech or presentation, an athlete getting ready for a race or the olympic try outs or someone training their dog or a mum raising a child.

Heck, I even had people who didn’t want to quit smoking for fear they might fail at it… Hypnosis helped each one of them overcome that fear of failure. 

Fear of failure can paralyse you, throw you into overwhelm and stop you from doing anything. So let’s take it apart a little, cause I got some news for you:

Failure is natural.

It is the way we learn. Did you tell your child the first few times it couldn’t say mum or dad properly to stop trying cause it rather obviously failed?
What about when after three weeks of trying your child still couldn’t walk by itself?

That kid was obviously a big failure! There was probably something wrong with it! Maybe it’s just not good enough

No of course not!!

You encourage. You celebrate every little win. You have a party with every progress. You know your child is learning. And you want your child to keep trying and falling over so that it keeps learning…

How to overcome the Fear of Failure?

You need a new approach! 

Just imagine that for the next three days, you stood guard at the gates of your own mind?

If you reframed every thought of  ‘failure’, every thought of “darn, I suck” or “maaaan, I’m just useless” or “I just can’t do this” and  thought of it simply as feedback…?

That’s all it is, just feedback. And the feedback told you that what you did just didn’t get you a desired result. Great! Now you know you need to change something. 

Either you need to use different strategies, try a different way or you need help with hypnotherapy to overcome those old fears. 

Just imagine doing that and taking thoughtful action! 

Also: You always win either way.

You win by getting feedback and learning from it! You win by upgrading your software and you win by getting closer to your goals.

It’s just feedback!

Hypnotherapy to overcome fear of failure

And hypnotherapy works for overcoming fear of failure becasue it helps you shift what actually is important.

So that with the hypnosis sessions you align more with failure being a natural part of growth, you become less judgmental on yourself and more in tune with your own humanity.


Today I am grateful for all the feedback life has given me so far. It’s not always comfortable, it’s not always the feedback I wanted, but that’s the whole point!

There is no growth in the comfort zone and as a lifelong learner, I will continue to fail and learn from it. I am grateful for getting up and doing it again! 



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