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Overcome Depression with Hypnotherapy on the Sunshine Coast

“I don’t wanna die, but I’m not keen on livin’ either…” 
Robbie Williams – Feel 

Are you sick and tired of being Depressed?

  • Everything feels like a chore and you lost joy in things you loved to do: hobbies, social events, daily routines – it’s all too hard
  • Feeling of Isolation: feeling that nobody understands or the fear of being a burden
  • A constant feeling of helpless, hopeless, worthlessness
  • Fixating on the past or your mistakes or feeling guilty or ashamed
  • Lack of Energy and Motivation: even the simplest tasks feel massive, which contributes to feeling even more guilt or worthless
  • Disturbed Sleep: Either insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Worrying that it will get worse or that you’ll never find a way out of it
  • The strain depression puts on relationships is huge 

Depression can be all of those things and it often leads to some sense of self loathing, which makes you even more depressed. 

Australian Hypnotherapy Centre Sunshine Coast Silke playing at sunset

But let me tell you: It does not have to be that way, you can start do feel better and have hope!

There is hope for you…! Do you want to….

– Know that there is hope and there is help for you
Feel joy Again and have a laugh
– Feel that you are good enough and making mistakes is human
Reconnect with your loved ones in a meaningful way
– Get your energy, motivation and mojo back
– Get mental clarity and the ability to focus
Find purpose and fullfillment and have meaning back in your life
Live without worrying about a relapse: Finally know you have the tools and skills to know you can deal with whatever comes your way
– Notice the sound of the birds or the smile on a loved ones face or feel the gentle breeze on your skin…?

The truth is that you too can feel better and it doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from postnatal depression, feeling really low, unmotivated or whether there is stuff going on in your life that makes you depressed or if you have been diagnosed with depression.

Being depressed doesn’t have to be permanent

It is a common misconception that being ‘depressed’ is a permanent state. Over the past 15 years of helping people just like you overcome depression and live happier and more fulfilled lives again, I can assure you: There is hope! You too can live a life that has meaning, purpose and happiness once again. 

You might feel like “What’s the point…?” or “I tried something like that…” and you may have lost the belief that anything can help you. But the truth is that you are capable of change and it is possible for you to rewire your brain with the right help so that you can cope, get out of bed and manage life and living again. 

Depression is a normal reaction when your mind is trying to cope with too much. Too much loss, too much grief, too much trauma, just all too much… 

Which is also what happens in postnatal depression: the reality of being responsible for a mini-human can be overwhelming. And so very different to how you had imagined it. Which ads even more to the feelings of hopeless, helpless or worthless.

You need to know that there is a way out: With hypnotherapy and NLP, you will be able to handle life’s challenges again. And once you get a newfound trust in yourself and your own abilities, you will break the cycle of depression.

Tessa Hamilton
Kate Rassie

Imagine a New Beginning…

    • Confidently being able to deal with what life throws at you
    • Finding joy in daily life again
    • Connecting with your baby, children and loved ones
    • Feeling good about yourself
    • Experiencing real happiness
    • Seeing the colour in life again
    • Believing you can overcome depression

Like many before you, you too can let go of what held you back so that you feel happier, more fulfilled and much more at ease.

Your Path to Feeling Better starts here

Most of my hypnotherapy clients, both online and on the Sunshine Coast, see significant improvement within 3-6 sessions. Hypnotherapy for depression sessions is tailored to your unique needs, helping you find your way back to the real you. The you who enjoys seeing a beautiful sunset or hearing the joyful birds in the sky or feeling a lovely breeze on your skin…. 

The Proof is in the Research

Studies show hypnotherapy’s effectiveness:

  • Psychotherapy: 38% success after 600 sessions
  • CBT: 72% success after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% success after just 6 sessions

Beyond Depression: A Life Filled with Happiness

Depression and anxiety often intertwine, but breaking free is easier than you think. With hypnotherapy and NLP, you have the choice to reclaim your life.
Imagine reconnecting with loved ones, discovering purpose or passions and enjoying the moments. With the right help it can be within your reach.

Your Next Steps

I’ve guided hundreds of people like you to overcome depression and anxiety, helping them reconnect with the joy of living.

Let’s face it: If thinking alone could have resolved your feelings… Well, then, you wouldn’t be here. So clearly talking about it, ruminating on it, trying to work it out… All that has not worked! 

So if what you have done before has not worked, then it’s a clear sign that you need to do things differently now. Which is where hypnotherapy for depression comes in.

Now is your time for change.
With hypnotherapy, whether online or on the Sunshine Coast, I will show you the way to a brighter and happier future.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

To make a change and feel better give us a call on 0422 525 843. Take the first step towards a life filled with joy and fulfilment now.

As Virginia Satir used to say:

“Problems are not the problem, coping is the problem” – Virginia Satir

Dare to dream:

    • Being truly happier…
    • Feeling alive and energetic again…
    • Enjoying time with friends and family…
    • Being more passionate again…
    • Sleeping better…
    • Engaging more in your private life…

You too can live this way…!

It is your life and every moment of your life is important. So get started now.

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The way I work is incredibly gentle and life-changing. Most people say they wished they had done this years ago instead of wasting their lives with self-doubt, procrastination and indecision.  

So call now to book your first appointment and start overcoming depression now. 

Sunshine Coast, Peregian Beach, Birtinya and online Call 0422 525 843

Hypnotherapy to beat depression works!

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