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People often say to me that they want to be more confident… But technically I know that it is to entirely true. It is a good thing not to be confident about certain things. I prefer not to be confident about flying a plane. I simply don’t have the skill, the knowledge and the training for it.

So what people actually mean is that they are not confident in a situation where they would like to be confident.

Of course, everybody has confidence. You might be very confident talking to the kids or doing a sport you love. Or you are very confident talking to a friend about something you know well or very confidently using public transport or driving a car.

So you actually know how to do this thing called confidence. And this now becomes a resource. Because if you copied exactly the mindsets, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and so on from how you do this thing called “confidence” and applied it to another area of your life… Well, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Of course, you can’t do that consciously and by thinking about it! You need to do this unconsciously and if you could have worked it out by thinking about it, I bet you would have done that by now. Hand it over to your unconscious and become naturally confident!

Yours in happiness, confidence, and wellbeing


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