Change…. Some people say that change is hard or difficult… Others don’t want change, and prefer things to stay the same… Then they stay in their comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable that may be and just complain a little or a little more…

Okay, let’s think about this. If you knew that things were at least going to be okay and potentially a lot better than just okay once you’ve made the change, would you be willing to give it a go…?

Of course, you would… After all the worst that could happen would be that nothing happens and you stay in your comfort zone… But hey, there is the potential of ‘things could be a hell of a lot better…!’

So of course you would be willing to give it a go once you know that things are going to be okay or a lot better than okay. And if the answer is anything other than ‘hell yeah’ or ‘of course’ then I’d be interested to read about it, because in my world that would be curiously odd…

So in all honesty it’s more that people fear the unknown, they fear what’s on the other side of the change they wish to make and then they stay stuck.

Hence, before we do anything we need to get clear about how things are going to be better once you have the change you want. A goal… A vision… And it doesn’t have to be the great vision board, it can just be as simple and as specific as ‘I want to be calm when XYZ’ or ‘I want to be able to XYZ’, anything, something to move towards…


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