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Two convenient locations on The Sunshine Coast to help you make lasting changes with Hypnotherapy, NLP and modern hypnosis:

Peregian Beach: Boardwalk Professional Suites in Peregian Beach (I moved from Coolum Beach) on the Corner Heron Street and Kingfisher Drive, you’ll find me above Pizzami.

Birtinya: Regatta 1 Corporate Building at 2 Innovation Parkway Birtinya

Online Hypnotherapy: worldwide online from the comfort of your own home

To check out what my clients say about me and my services and read the many 5 Star reviews click here: google reviews click here

Saturday appointments are available too. Give me a call on 0422525843!

Booking process & fees:

I work with committed individuals who are focused on achieving marked improvement in their own personal and/or professional development. Once you have booked a session or program there are no refunds, part refunds and the cancellation policy (as stated below) applies.

The following formula is the best way for you to ensure that you get the most out of your Hypnotherapy sessions:

  1. Please call 0422 525 843 to book your first appointment. It’s the same number for all locations.
  2. For any questions you may have please call or send an email to
  3. You will find my hypnotherapy services on the Sunshine Coast in Peregian Beach & Birtinya and worldwide online.
  4. I respect your time. And my hypnotherapy sessions run on time. So you will be back in the office / able to pick the kids up and getting on with your day as planned.
  5. Fees for hypnotherapy / NLP / Coaching / Mind training are an investment in yourself and are non-refundable.

Fees: With over 15 years of experience in my full-time hypnotherapy clinic, my per-session fee is not the cheapest in town. What you get is a high level of skill combined with compassion and a highly efficient and effective approach to help you make the changes you want.

All fees are inclusive of 10% GST. The same rates for Peregian Beach, Online and Birtinya hypnotherapy

All sessions need to be paid upfront to secure your appointment. Your first session is up to 1.5 hours at $280 (incl. GST) and needs to be paid upfront on booking and includes a complimentary hypnosis recording.

Follow-up sessions are an hour at $190 (incl. GST).

Quit Smoking up to 2 hours $360  (needs to be paid in full upfront, incl. GST)

Longer hypnosis sessions for people coming from far away or interstate can be individually arranged, please send me an email.

6. Private Health Funds: I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and as such many private health funds have a rebate for my services.
Every health fund is different! Every policy is different! Please ask your health fund about what exactly you are covered for.

7. I work from professional offices at both Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy location: Peregian Beach and Birtinya.

More Info: Private Health fund rebates:


Mental health plans don’t cover my services and unfortunately there are no medicare rebates for hypnotherapy.

Please ask your private health fund about your hypnotherapy rebate. It depends on your level of cover, when you joined and which health fund you are with. I am a full clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA). Please be aware that some health funds say they cover hypnotherapy but only by a registered Psychologist.

I am also an accredited Supervisor for the two best Hypnotherapy Associations.

Birtinya is conveniently located on the southern end of the Sunshine Coast and many of my clients come from Brisbane. It’s only a short 10 minute drive from Maroochydore, Caloundra, Buderim or the Bruce highway for those coming from Brisbane, Toowoomba, Dalby or the Gold Coast.
Lovely Peregian Beach is close to Noosa and I am so close to the beach and the lovely coffee shops so you can go and chill after your appointment.

Australian Hypnotherapy Centre Sunshine Coast Silke with her dogs scaled

Cancellation Policy

Due to the popularity and demand and to protect my valued clients, we have a strict cancellation process in place.

Should you need to postpone your hypnotherapy appointment we ask you to give a minimum of 3 business days notice. If you do not meet the 3 business day minimum a 50% fee will apply. Should you cancel the day before or on the day of your appointment or should you not arrive for your appointment the full fee applies.

The Australian Hypnotherapy Centre reserves the right to cancel consultations in unavoidable situations and full refunds (pro-rata) will be made. All consultations are by appointment only.

If you are unwell on the day or test positive for Covid the same cancellation policy applies. However, if you let us know by email we can move your appointment to an online appointment (at the same time).

Here is how to set yourself up for success with online appointments.

How can I pay for my sessions?

I offer direct payment facilities via Eftpos, credit card or bank transfer. All major credit cards (except Amex and Diner) are accepted. We reserve the right to debit outstanding payments from the payment details we have on file for you where our invoices aren’t met by the due date.

International Payments

Your best bet is to use one of the many international money transfercompanies.

I am unable to see you if you are diagnosed or identify with any of the following:

Suicidal, bipolar, schizophrenia, psychotic episodes, uncontrolled epilepsy or anyone on anti psychotic medications. Please see your GP or psychiatrist or call Lifeline on 131114.

Many of my clients are on anti-depressants or on anxiety meds which is fine.
When in doubt please send me an email or call to discuss.

If you have been diagnosed with seizures we will need to evaluate in the first session how it impacts you.

Terms, conditions.

Please read as this is important:

  • You must disclose any mental health issues you currently or previously have been treated for.
  • Silke is unable to see you if you have been diagnosed with anorexia, bipolar, schizophrenia, psychotic episodes, alcohol, and/or if I take anything illicit or anti-psychotic medication.
  • Silke Herwald is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, GP or medical professional and these sessions in no way replace a professional diagnosis.
  • You understand that Silke is a partner and guide for your own process of self-discovery, transformation and personal evolution.
  • You will get the most out of these sessions by being an active participant. There will be a lot of questions which you may not be able to answer spontaneously, instead, you will need to process these which will help you build a better relationship with your unconscious.
  • You may find the questions not easy to answer and that’s okay. They are not being asked to annoy or frustrate you but to help you.
  • You set the direction and goals for each session.
  • Every time you go into hypnosis you will experience it differently.
  • The results of your sessions are dependent on you following the instructions that Silke gives you, as they guide you through the processes. Following the instructions is entirely up to you as Silke can not do it for you.
  • Everyone responds differently to sessions and therefore results may vary and can not be guaranteed. 
  • There are no refunds.
  • Should you need to postpone your appointment we ask you to give a minimum of 3 business days. If you do not meet the 3-business day minimum a 50% fee will apply. Should you cancel within one day or do not arrive for your appointment the full fee applies. (Please be aware of weekends and public holidays!) 
  • The responsibility for making any process work for you is solely yours. No one else can make changes for you.
  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I am your guide.
  • At times it may be necessary for Silke to respectfully touch your hand, shoulder, knee or wrist. If you don’t like that just let Silke know before the session. It is not a problem at all!
  • Personal content discussed in the sessions is strictly confidential, except as authorised by you, or as required by law.
  • You will need to be completely sober for your session. Best to avoid caffeine intake from 2 hours before your session.
    If you show up to your session intoxicated the session will be terminated immediately and no refund will be given.
  • Zero tolerance for aggressive or abusive behaviour:
    We have implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy to ensure all staff are treated with dignity and respect. This means that aggressive, violent behaviour or outbursts of anger, raising of voices, etc. will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This applies to both Silke and her reception. Should any aggressive or abusive behaviour occur the session will be ended immediately and no refunds will be given.


Success of recommended treatments and therapies depend entirely on an individual’s commitment to following the instructions, attending sessions, utilising tools and techniques and following action plans agreed between the practitioner and the client. I use a bespoke combination of hypnosis, NLP, Mind Training and Coaching.

All corporate training and mentoring courses are billed monthly.

This is an investment you are making in yourself.

Any Questions? Please submit the form or send me an email to

Eating Disorders:

I only work with very selective clients with Eating Disorders. Please send me an email explaining why you believe that you are a good candidate and your motivation to beat this for good.

Working with Children:

If you are enquiring about your child (no matter the age of your child) the first sessions will always be with you.


Book your appointment!

CALL NOW: 0422 525 843


Book your appointment!

CALL NOW: 0422 525 843


Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy Birtinya

2 Innovation Pkwy,
Birtinya QLD 4575, Australia

Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy

Peregian Beach

Suite 1 Boardwalk Professional office 224 David Low Way Corner Heron St, Kingfisher Dr, Peregian Beach QLD 4573, Australia

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2024 3 Best rated hypnotherapy award Sunshine coast
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2022 3 Best rated hypnotherapy award Sunshine coast
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